Defamation Bill news: agreement reached on removing ‘Leveson clause’

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There has been some important news today. An agreement has been struck to remove the ‘Leveson’ amendment to the Defamation Bill. This is welcome news. All your letters to MPs and the Prime Minister have made clear why the Defamation Bill matters, and why it must not be caught up in the debate about press regulation. Thank you so much for taking up the cause so actively.

We are still waiting for confirmation that the Defamation Bill will be back before Parliament in the next couple of weeks, so if you haven’t written to your MP or the Prime Minister already, could we urge you to do that now?. We also have much to do to make sure that all MPs (and especially those who joined Parliament in 2010) know about the injustices that gave rise to the Bill. We are meeting with as many as we can to talk about ending libel tourism, the hurdle of "serious harm" to prevent vexatious cases, restrictions on corporations suing individuals and a new public interest defence.

As soon as we have further information about a timetable for the Defamation Bill returning to the House of Commons we will let you know.

Best wishes 

Síle and Mike