The book on scientology you can’t read

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The book on scientology you can’t read

Hi folks,

If you live in America, you can now read “Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood and the Prison of Belief” by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Lawrence Wright. However, the British publisher of the book Transworld has dropped the book, even though it seems to have previously agreed to publish it.

Transworld’s publicity director Patsy Irwin said: "Our legal advice was that some of the content was not robust enough for the UK market and an appropriately edited version would not fit with our schedule."

It’s likely our toxic libel laws have stopped you reading it

BBC Panorama’s John Sweeney has also faced threats from the Church of Scientology that made him think twice about writing his latest book on the Church. Here’s a video of John explaining the problems he’s faced (click):

John Sweeney - link to video

Since the launch of the Libel Reform Campaign over 3 years ago, over 60,000 people like you pushed the government to take a Bill through parliament to reform these archaic laws.

But the Bill isn’t strong enough. It does nothing to stop corporations or bodies such as the Church of Scientology from suing individuals and we are not certain the public interest defence would help in a case like this.

On Tuesday, the House of Lords will debate this Bill – we need you to tell your friends to sign the petition.


Mike and Sile