All we want for Christmas is our MPs to back libel reform in the Queen's Speech

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Dear Friends

We are writing as people who have battled libel threats and actions to ask for your help to make sure reform of the laws gets into next year’s Queen’s Speech, which sets the legislative agenda for 2012.

People are still being threatened by a law that allows the rich and powerful to bully critics and shut down public debate. Libel reform needs urgent action. The campaign and all its supporters have worked hard to persuade the Ministry of Justice to draw up an effective Defamation Bill, but if it is not in the Queen’s Speech in the spring, then libel reform will be delayed for at least another year, which will be a victory for those who want to silence honest criticism. We can’t bear to let this opportunity slip away.

We know we will have to battle against those who want to delay or derail libel reform, and the best way to get our message across is to lobby MPs for support. Please help us by clicking here to send an email to your MP so they know that all we want for Christmas is our MPs to back the inclusion of libel reform in the Queen’s Speech.


Simon Singh

Dr Ben Goldacre

Dr Peter Wilmshurst

Hardeep Singh

Dr Fiona Godlee, Editor in Chief, BMJ

Dr Philip Campbell, Editor in Chief, Nature

Justine Roberts, Founder and CEO, Mumsnet

Richard Dunstan, Social Policy Officer, Citizens Advice

David Osler, journalist

Professor David Colquhoun

Professor Francisco Lacerda

Rhys Morgan, blogger

John Gray, blogger