Government libel reform bill is about to be published

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Dear friends

The Government is due to publish its promised libel reform bill this month and we’ve just heard it could be as soon as next week. Your support has taken the campaign to this exciting point – can you help us again by writing to your MP?

We will be in Parliament on Thursday 10th March at 11.30 am in Committee Room 5 to launch our new campaign leaflet, “What should a Defamation Bill contain?” We need as many parliamentarians as possible to come and hear from us why they should support changes to the laws to protect free speech, scientific debate and internet publishing. Can you write to your MP and ask them to come along?

We will be joined by high profile supporters of the campaign and by people who have been affected by the current laws. Can you come too? You can still write to your MP and tell them you would like them to attend even if you can’t make it. You’ll be able to find your MP’s email address here: and we have pasted below a suggestion of the words you could use.

After the publication of the Bill we will continue to work with publishers, bloggers, scientists, editors, film makers, journalists, consumer groups, ISPs and individuals to make sure the suggested reforms will protect our freedom to debate and improve access to justice for everyone. Please continue to help us by donating to our new fund:


Mike and Sile


Dear [my MP]

The Government is publishing its draft Defamation Bill this month. On Thursday 10th March the Libel Reform Campaign is launching their document on ‘What should a Defamation Bill contain?’

I support the campaign to change the libel laws to protect freedom of expression and access to justice for everyone. Will you attend the launch of the Libel Reform Campaign document at 11.30 am on Thursday 10th March in Committee Room 5?

I will be at the launch and hope to see you there.